Labour and Immigration Law

·        Drafting of employment, confidentiality, non-competition and other contracts.
·        Drafting of internal legislation of legal entities.
·        Representation in preparing and making collective agreements, advice on the performance and validity of collective agreements and other issues.
·        Advice on the expiry of employment contract, dismissal, redundancy pay, salaries and other issues related to labour law.
·        Obtainment of temporary (permanent) residence permits in Lithuania, declaration of the place of residence.
·        Work permit, visa obtainment.
·       Advice on the entitlement to nationality.
·        Representation in various public authorities and courts.
Finance and Tax Law

·        Advice on various tax issues (including taxation of foreign nationals, analysis of tax implications of different forms of business organisation, application of tax credits, declaration of property and income).
·        Drafting of loan agreements, solutions for other issues related to term, subordinated andsyndicated loans, issue of debentures, promissory notes and other debt securities.
·        Representation in tax disputes as well as in public authorities in other cases.
·        Advice on the issue of securities for public and private circulation, publication and implementation of tender offers.
·        Drafting of contracts related to disposition and acquisition of securities.
·        Drafting of prospectuses, memoranda, notices of acquisition (loss) of holding.
·        Representation in the Securities Commission of the Republic of Lithuania, courts and arbitrations.
Intellectual Property

·        Drafting of author’s, licence and other contracts.
·        Registration of trademarks, patents, design and websites, topographies of semiconductor products, licence and sub-licence contracts with the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania.
·        Advice on copyright and related rights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, designs and other issues related to intellectual property.
·        Representation in public authorities and courts for the settlement of disputes over the protection of objects of intellectual and industrial property.
Company Law

·        Incorporation, reorganisation, restructuring, reformation,bankruptcy and liquidation of legal entities.
·        Establishment and liquidation of company branches and representative offices.
·       Documentation of decisions of bodies of legal entities; organisation of meetings of shareholders.
·        Drafting of the rules of procedure of the management board and supervisory board.
·        Representation of shareholders (both controlling and minority) in meetings of shareholders, courts and arbitrations.
·        Mergers and acquisitions, disposal of companies and related transactions.
·        Drafting of share buying or selling, share subscription and shareholder agreements.
·        Advice on investment in companies, drafting of documents of related transactions.
·        Due diligence, reporting; a data room of the company.
·        Representation of an investor in privatisation procedures (including assistance in preparing an application for participation in the privatisation process, negotiations on the privatisation transaction, drafting of the privatisation contract and other documents).                                                                                                                                    
Commercial Law

·        Advice on legal regulation of business.
·        Obtainment of permits and licences necessary for the business of legal entities.
·        Advice on commercial representation, commission, distribution, franchise, contracting, agency and other contracts related to the business of legal entities and drafting of such contracts.
·        Representation in business transactions, negotiations, central and local government authorities, disputes arising out of business transactions.
·        Advice on the organisation of business (production) of a legal entity, consumer right protection and advertising.
Competition Law

·        Advice on compliance of agreements made with the provisions of competition law regulating prohibited agreements.
·        Advice on the concentration control, abuse of a dominant position, unfair competition, comparative and misleading advertising, illegal state aid.
·        Drafting of notifications on concentration, obtainment of concentration authorisations and authorisations to carry out separate acts of concentration.
·        Drafting of complaints against actions that restrict competition.
·        Representation in the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania and in courts.
Real Estate and Construction Law

·        Drafting of contracts on the disposal, acquisition, lease, sublease, loan for use of real estate and other contracts.
·        Advice on real estate and investment in real estate, construction of buildings (structures), formation of plots of land. 
·        Representation in negotiations on transactions related to real estate as well as in various central and local government authorities, courts and arbitrations.
·        Obtainment of licences, certificates and certifications related to real estate. 
·        Registration of immovable properties and rights in rem thereto, encumbrances and juridical facts with the Real Estate Register.
·       Registration of mortgages and pledges over movable properties with the Mortgage Register of the Republic of Lithuania, assignment of mortgage, mortgage disputes. 
·        Drafting of all types of contracts related to construction works. 
·       Representation in disputes arising between the customer, executor and contractor as well as third parties.   
Court and Commercial Arbitration

·        Representation in courts in civil, administrative, labour, tax and competition proceedings. 
·        Advice on the security for a claim and application of temporary injunctions.
·        Drafting of all procedural documents (including claims, counter-claims, responses to claims or counter-claims, replies, rejoinders, separate, appellate, cassation appeals and responses to them).
·        Representation in international and local commercial arbitration, drafting of all preliminary and procedural documents according to the regulations of Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration, ICC, UNCITRAL, ICSD, SCC Arbitration Institute and other arbitration regulations.
·        Advice on commercial arbitration including on initiation of proceedings, appointment of arbitrators, court hearing, remedies and other issues.  
·        Representation in recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards in Lithuania as well as Lithuanian judgments and arbitration awards in foreign countries.
·       Advice on alternative dispute resolution methods (reconciliation, mediation, fast arbitrage, etc.). 

·        Drafting of hardware and software supply and purchase, consulting, maintenance, telecommunication equipment contracts.  
·        Advice on the regulation of Lithuanian telecommunication market, distribution, licensing and production of hardware, software and technologies.
·        Representation in negotiations with the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania and settlement of disputes in courts.
Business Financing and Payments

·        Advice on legal issues of leasing, factoring, forfeiting, lending, credit lines and overdraft. Drafting of leasing, factoring, forfeiting, overdraft, lending and credit line contracts.   
·        Representation in negotiations on transactions related to business financing. 
·        Advice on guarantees, banker‘s guarantees, suretyship. Drafting of guarantee and suretyship agreements. 
·        Bills of exchange and promissory notes, cheques, discounting, advice on the use of these financial instruments in business practice. 
·        Advice on payments in international trade: letters of credit, bills of collection. Transaction support for clients using letters of credit or bills of collection.
·        Advice on credit insurance. 
·       Representation in courts and arbitration in relation to disputes over business financing and payments.
Public Procurement

·        Advice on public procurement procedures, rights, duties and responsibilities of public procurement entities, disputes over the award procedure in public procurement and other issues related to the application of the Law on Public Procurement of the Republic of Lithuania.
·        Representation of the contracting authority (supplier) in public procurement procedures (including assistance in organising public procurement, preparing tenders, claims, lawsuits, awarding and fulfilling public contracts, settling disputes in the contracting authority, courts and the Public Procurement Office).

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